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      Metrology 2D Measuring Software
      Name: Metrology 2D Measuring Software
      Model: CNC type

      CNC 2D Metrology Measuring Software



      •  Point, Line, Arc, Circle, Distance, Angle, Slot, Ellipse, Rectangle, Ring, Spline, Focus plane and Height measuring ability
      •  Powerful feature construction capabilities, can meet the various needs of customers
      •  More convenient and flexible user program has greatly enhanced the efficiency of batch measurement
      •  Improved calculation capacity of Dimensional tolerance and Geometric Tolerance
      •  Auto focus
      •  Auto Zoom (optional)
      •  Powerful on-line SPC capabilities
      •  Fixture measurement
      •  Map navigation
      •  Linear error correction and Segmental error correction
      •  Measurement data can be imported into Notepad, Word, custom EXCEL and Report format
      •  Can preset ten elements
      •  Special Zoom measurement and Contrast measurement
      •  Can mark size in the drawing area and image area
      •  HELP SYSTEM provides complete study guide
      •  Accommodate English, Chinese


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