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      Manual Type Metrology 2D Measurement Software
      Name: Manual Type Metrology 2D Measurement Software
      Model: Manual Type

      Manual Type Metrology 2D Measurement Software



        This measuring software point, line, Arc, Circle, Distance, and Angle measuring ability
        Feature construction capabilities.
        2D manual type measuring software btain essential construction results by selecting from the list of previously measured features, complete with graphics.
        Part programming allows creation, editing, and running of programs in measurement sequence
        Skew function for part alignment correction
        Data and graphic can be imported into Word, Excel and AUTOCAD for editing
        MACRO functions for batch measurements
        The images can be saved as .bmp format
        Four ways of edge detecting help operators capture the precise measurement data more conveniently
        Accommodate English, Chinese
        640 x 480 pixels image size and S-video signal input.

      Computer Configuration

         Pentium 4 CPU, 1.7G;
         At least 128MB RAM
         To provide a serial port, a USB port and PCI slot
         Best screen resolution 1024 * 768
         24 bits or 32bits color quality
        Supporting application software: AutoCAD, Excel and Word
        O.S: Windows 2000 , Windows XP or Wondows 7
        CNC RationalDMIS
        One-click edge software


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