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      XTH-3022 Trinocular Zoom Microscope
      Name: XTH-3022 Trinocular Zoom Microscope
      Model: XTH series

      Trinocular Zoom Microscope

      ( XTH-3022 )



      This microscope is widely used in medical and health, electronics, precision machinery industry and so on, especially suitable to inspect the naked IC, LCD printing paste, PC

        Zoom lens microscope
        Inclined 45º/60º observation
        Erect image
        Can connect CCD camera
      Technical data
      Zoom ratio 1:6.5
      Lens zoom range 1x-6.5x
      Eyepiece SWF 10X/23mm
      Total magnification 10x-65x
      Field of view ¢23mm-¢3.5mm
      Working distance 103mm
      Interpupillary distance 52mm-75mm
      Binocular tube Inclined 45º/60º
      Diopter adjustment ±5 diopter
      trinocular body rotation 360º
      Power supply 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ
      Top halogen lamp 6V 15W Adjustable brightness
      Bottom fluorescent lamp 5W
      Eyepiece WF10X WF15X WF20X WF25X  
      AL Magnification FOV Magnification FOV Magnification FOV Magnification FOV WD(mm)
      0.5X 5X-32.5X ¢46-¢7.4 7.5X-48.8X ¢32-¢5 10X-65X ¢26-¢4 12.5X-81.25X ¢24-¢3.6 163
      0.75X 7.5X- 48.8X ¢30.7-¢4.7 11.3X-73.1X ¢21.3-¢3.3 15X-97.5X ¢7.3-¢2.7 18.8X-121.9X ¢16-¢2.5 117
      1.5X 15X-97.5X ¢15.3-¢2.4 22.5X-146X ¢10.7-¢1.6 30X-195X ¢8.7-¢1.3 37.5X-243.8X ¢8-¢1.2 45
      2X 20X-130X ¢11.5-¢1.8 30X-195X ¢8-¢1.2 40X-260X ¢6.5-¢1 50X-325X ¢6-¢0.9 40

      Standard delivery

      Main unit: 1pcs
      Eyepiece patch: 2pcs
      Anti-dust cover: 1pcs
      Optional accessories
      Eyepiece: WF5X, WF15X, WF20X, WF25X, WF30X
      Auxiliary lens: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x, 2x
      Micro-image process software:
      Digital Camera:


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