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      USB Encoder Interface
      Name: USB Encoder Interface
      Model: USB-302

      USB Encoder Interface



      •  Plug and play
      •  Supply the users with the interface functions for the secondary development
      •  Supply power by an external power, operate stably
      •  Isolated 3-axis linear encoder interface, 24-bit reversible counter.
      •  A set of external signal trigger can lock the value of any 1-axis or 3-axis simultaneous
      •  The delay of external signal trigger which can lock the value is less than 20us
      •  The computation direction (+or-)is adjustable .
      •  The polarity of RI signal
      A and B signal can be chosen when searching RI point.
      •  The digital filter can enhance the anti-jamming capability


      •  Manual video measuring machine (CMM, 3D VMM)
      •  Movement control
      •  Position monitoring
      •  X and Y working table monitor
      •  Length Measuring Machine


      •  Power supply:   5V
      •  Dimension:   152*116*55(mm)
      •  Signal:    A, B. RI single signal ended input, orthogonality TLL.
      •  Operating System:   Windows XP and Windows 7
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