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      Inverted Biological Microscope(LIB-305)
      Name: Inverted Biological Microscope(LIB-305)
      Model: LIB-305

      Inverted Biological Microscope

      ( LIB-305 )



      Biological micrscope LB-305 is widely used for biology medicine agriculture and industry field, this light microscope is the ideal instrument in medical treatment, teaching demonstration and scientific research an so on.

      Technical Data

      Objective lens
      10x, 20x, 40x, phase-contrast 20x
      Fixed stage
      Size: 240mm*260mm,  Travel: 135mm*85mm
      Interpupillary distance
      Binocular tube
      Inclined 45º
      Diopter adjustment
      ±5 diopter
      6V/30W halogen bulb
      Power supply
      110v-220v wide voltage

      Standard Delivery

        Main unit: 1pcs
        10x, 20x, 40x plan achromatic objective lens: 1pcs each
        20x phase-contrast objective lens: 1pcs
        6V/30W Osram halogen bulb: 1pcs
        Green, blue and yellow filter: 1pcs each
        Anti-dust cover: 1pcs

      Optional Accessories

        4x, 60x plan achromatic objective
        10x, 40x phase-contrast objective
        0.5x,1x C-mount camera adapter
        5.0M pixel digital camera
        CCD camera
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